Sign Your Petition: National Stand-Your-Ground Law!

While the Missouri Firearms Coalition is fighting like hell to defend SAPA legislation in Jeff City, our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, is doing everything they can to advance Stand-Your-Ground law in D.C.!

With Biden’s war on guns in Congress collapsing, the American Firearms Association is taking the fight for gun rights on the offensive with Congressman Gaetz’s National Stand-Your-Ground law.

AFA knows that the time for gun owners to be on the defensive is over. By taking the Second Amendment fight to Nancy Pelosi and gun grabbers in Congress, we’ll put THEM on defense — while finding out which Republicans really want to fight for gun owners.

Of course, Missouri has a version of Stand-Your-Ground law on the books already, but that doesn’t protect gun owners from being attacked by federal prosecutors who want to push a ‘woke’ agenda of putting gun owners in prison for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves.

So please read the full email below from the American Firearms Association, and then sign their petition calling on our members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 6248!


Thanks for helping AFA fight in Congress, while the Missouri Firearms Coalition fights in Jefferson City.

— Aaron Dorr, Missouri Firearms Coalition



Everyone remembers the George Soros-funded ‘Summer of Violence’ that rocked American cities from coast to coast in 2020 and lead to over a half-billion dollars’ worth of destroyed property, and the murder of dozens of innocent American citizens.

The police, who were being demonized in the press all year long, were usually ordered to stand down and watch as violent thugs robbed, burned, and rioted their way from town to town.

By the summer of 2020, the violence was spiraling out of control so badly that people who would normally have called the police for help were forced to defend themselves at gun point! 

The minute that happened, woke prosecutors who refused to charge the violent thugs who ruined so many American cities, brought charges against people like Mark McCloskey and Kyle Rittenhouse!


McCloskey and Rittenhouse were eventually pardoned or found ‘Not Guilty’ of criminal wrongdoing; but their lives were all but destroyed in the process.

And make no mistake, this crime wave hasn’t ended. The public rioting may have ended, but almost every major city in America is experiencing an unprecedented surge in murder, robbery, and sexual assault.  

More Americans than ever before are being forced to defend themselves from criminals — and that’s why it’s vital that we pass a national Stand-Your-Ground law, so Americans can also defend themselves against ‘woke’ prosecutors in court!

That’s why pro-gun Congressman Matt Gaetz has just filed H.R. 6248, the Stand-Your-Ground Act, that would give gun owners legal protection for the justifiable use of force!

But now it’s time that the self-described pro-gun members of Congress co-sponsor this bill, to stand up for law and order, and ensure that gun owners aren’t put in prison for defending themselves.


Congressman Gaetz’s Stand-Your-Ground legislation would completely overhaul America’s self-defense laws and provide vital protections for law abiding gun owners by:

>>> Stating that the American people have the right to use deadly force to stop a predator before he can carry out a violent crime that could result in ‘great bodily harm’ or death.

>>> Extending these protections to gun owners who are justified in threatening to use force, but don’t have to use it. In many cases (think Mark McCloskey) criminals run away when they see their target is armed. The law should cover you in that case.

>>> Clarifying that a gun owner who is forced to defend himself or another innocent person, may do so without having to retreat first. Without this language, you could wind up facing the same felony charges that Kyle Rittenhouse did!

>>> Limiting who can use Stand-Your-Ground law as an affirmative defense to those who are not engaged in criminal activity and who are legally present at the time of the use of force, ensuring that criminals can’t use this law as cover in court.

We shouldn’t need a law like this. The criminal justice system should protect innocent people who are forced to defend themselves, while they work to imprison violent criminals. But these days, it works in reverse. That’s why we need H.R. 6248!


Congressman Gaetz has done his part by sponsoring this legislation. Now it’s time that every other pro-gun member of Congress does their part and cosponsors the bill right away.

Last year, Republicans betrayed gun owners repeatedly by voting for a national gun registry (H.R. 8) and legislation that would insert ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ into our military (H.R. 4350.)

That’s why the old days of gun owners blindly supporting a politician based on party affiliation alone are gone. These days, gun owners need to demand action on bills like H.R. 6248.

The American Firearms Association will be doing everything we can to encourage Congressional Republicans to co-sponsor this bill, but we’re likely going to need to flood their offices with calls and emails to get this done.

So please make a donation to help us crank up the heat!

Gaetz’s Stand-Your-Ground Act is about more than just improving the self-defense laws in this country and restraining ‘woke’ prosecutors. It’s also a vital part of holding the line against Nancy Pelosi’s war against our gun rights.

Gun owners were on defense through 2021 because we had to be. But an important part of any defensive fight is going on offense, forcing your opponent to spend their energy trying to stop you.

Congressman Gaetz understands this — that’s why he filed the National Stand-Your-Ground Act in the first place. Now it’s up to us to rally support for it. Help us do that, by making an immediate donation to the American Firearms Association!

 For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Vice President
American Firearms Association   

P.S. While violent crime is skyrocketing across the country, gun owners like Mark McCloskey and Kyle Rittenhouse are the ones being arrested for the crime of defending themselves.

That’s why Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has just filed H.R. 6248, the National Stand-Your-Ground Act, which would allow gun owners to use deadly force to stop violent criminals, without having to retreat first!

Hit the link below to help us take the gun rights fight on offense and to get Congressional Republicans across the country to co-sponsor this bill.


Then share this email with every gun owner you know!