Merrick Garland v the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

When I attended the bill signing ceremony for SAPA legislation on behalf of the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition last year, I knew that Joe Biden and his handlers would hate it.

And I knew that Biden’s ghouls wouldn’t be able to let it go.

If Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is not struck down by a court somewhere, it won’t be long before every red state in America will be passing identical language into law!

So after a Cole County Circuit Court laughed a lawsuit from St. Louis and Jackson County out of court last fall, Joe Biden ordered the Department of InJustice to step in directly.


That’s why, when the Missouri Firearms Coalition fought to save SAPA before the State Supreme Court just two months ago, we weren’t tangling with a bumbling city attorney. Instead, the DOJ sent one of their hired guns out from Washington, D.C.

Thanks to your help, MOFC filed a legal response to the DOJ’s attacks on SAPA and the judges seemed to be reading from it verbatim when they questioned the DOJ’s case.

And while no decision has been rendered yet, based on the questions that the justices asked, it seemed clear to everyone that the DOJ’s attack on SAPA was on life support.

The DOJ clearly agreed, which is why they filed a new challenge to Missouri’s SAPA law in federal court, before they’ve even heard back from our State Supreme Court!

And that’s why I am writing you today. MOFC members are the reason the legislature passed SAPA. You’re the reason the Governor signed SAPA. You’re the reason we’ve stopped both legal challenges on SAPA. But now, we need to do it again, in federal court!


You see, MOFC needs to submit our response to Merrick Garland’s attack on SAPA and soon. That means I need to approve another round of legal expenses fast! Can you help us cover these costs?

There is a reason that China Joe and Merrick Garland are coming after Missouri’s SAPA law, while ignoring every other state. Our law is the gold standard; it’s the best there is. Consider:

>>> Missouri’s SAPA law specifically orders Missouri’s cops to only enforce Missouri gun laws, so while Joe Biden wants to force our cops to enforce his Executive Orders, he can’t!

>>> Missouri’s SAPA law puts the enforcement into the hands of we the people! Unlike every other state, we don’t need any other government official to enforce SAPA. If a law enforcement agency violates it, we can take them to civil court on our own!

>>> Missouri’s SAPA law has the sharpest teeth in America! If a law enforcement agency violates SAPA law, they are facing civil penalties of $50,000 for each occurrence!

>>> Missouri’s SAPA law doesn’t leave carve outs like other states do, that allows the feds to ‘borrow’ our cops and stick them on a federal task force, allowing them to bypass SAPA law!

Missouri’s SAPA law is the kind of legislation that tyrants like Joe Biden and his handlers fear the most, because without the free use of our cops, their gun control agenda is toast!


But if the Merrick Garland and the DOJ can convince a federal judge to strike the law down, gun owners here in Missouri will have no protections from federal gun seizures.

More than that, the national momentum to pass SAPA in other red states will stall. That is, of course, exactly what Joe Biden is counting on.

And that’s why it’s urgent that you make a donation today, so MOFC’s legal team can fight to defend SAPA in federal court!

Please be generous.

We are going up against the Department of Justice with their unlimited budget. And while MOFC’s legal team works very efficiently, I still anticipate combined expenses of between $10,000 – $20,000.

But you know how important this is to Missouri, and to gun owners across the country. So please rush me your generous donation immediately!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. In the very near future, MOFC’s legal team will be squaring off against Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice as they try to convince a federal court judge to overturn Missouri’s SAPA law!

MOFC needs to raise between $10,000 – $25,000 to engage our legal team and prepare for this battle. Please make a very generous donation TODAY!


Don’t let Joe Biden overturn Missouri’s best-in-the-nation SAPA law! Tell this aging tyrant to GO TO HELL! DONATE NOW!