Gun Owners Re-Elect Rep. Jered Taylor!

Representative Jered Taylor has been an absolute war horse for the Second Amendment for the last six years in Jeff City, and helped lead our successful fight for Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry law in 2016!

Taylor has also been leading the fight to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ and the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

That’s why the gun-grabbers in Jeff City hate Taylor.

That’s why the Swamp Monsters in Jeff City hate Taylor.

And that’s why the liberal FAKE NEWS media hates Taylor.

But clearly gun owners in House District 139 appreciate all the work that Representative Taylor has done for them and others, as Taylor was just declared the winner in this district!

I can’t thank you enough for giving the Missouri Firearms Coalition the resource we needed to expose Taylor’s opponent, Darlene Graham, and her support for radical gun control!

Thanks to your support, we ran digital and radio ads like this across the district for the last two weeks, giving thousands of gun owners the information they needed — information Graham was desperately trying to keep hidden.

Bloomberg and the gun control movement in Jeff City wanted Graham to get to Jeff City so that she could be another voice in the radical left’s non-stop war against our gun rights.

But gun owners in Missouri are an extremely potent fighting force, and we will NEVER stop fighting to advance our Second Amendment freedoms or to expose anti-gun politicians at election time!

Thank you for being a part of this fight to defend freedom and for helping us run our digital ads in this race — every single one of them was paid for by the proud members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition!

Enjoy tonight’s well-earned victory in the fight for freedom, but know that our enemies are not going to go away and that we’ll be counting on your help to maintain this fight in 2021.

More to come.

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition 

P.S. In House District 139, Representative Jered Taylor just won his re-election to the Missouri House of Representatives, ensuring that gun owners will have a champion for the Second Amendment for the next two years!

Thank you to everyone who allowed MOFC to run our hard hitting radio, social media, and digital ads that exposed Darlene Graham’s war against gun owners and our Second Amendment!

Enjoy tonight’s victory for freedom, but get ready to fight in 2021 as the enemies of our gun rights will never give up.