UPDATE: Hearing Delayed on the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

The committee hearing on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.B. 558) as well as legislation to repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ (S.B. 663,) which was scheduled to take place tomorrow morning, has been delayed due to the impending snowstorm.

The legislature all but closed the door on the Capitol today mid-morning, as lawmakers headed home before the storm arrives.

This is the second time that the Senate Transportation Committee has had to delay this hearing due to weather, a frustrating development to be sure.

While it’s likely that the committee will be taking this bill up next week, that schedule has not been finalized at this time.

But as we wait, the radical America-hating leftists in the Capitol are building up their opposition to this legislation.

And Capitol insiders are telling me that moderates in the Senate may try to get both of these bills killed in the committee, if they can get away with it.

I need your help; please send the two pre-written emails that we have prepared for you, immediately!

These two bills are critical in our fight to not only expand our gun rights, but in sending
a message to gun grabbers that Missouri is a pro-gun state!

>> Help us end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ send this email! <<

 >> Help us advance SAPA legislation, send this email! <<

As you know, Missouri law requires that you disarm in almost two dozen locations in our state, including places like churches, hospitals, daycares, voting locations, college campuses and much more.

Of course, these are the places where madmen always go to carry out their violent killing sprees, knowing that no one can fight back in these areas.

Senate Bill 663 would repeal this terrible law, and give gun owners the chance to defend themselves out in public.

And with every single Democratic Presidential contender vowing to do all they can to obliterate our gun rights, it’s never been more important for Missourians to
safeguard the freedoms that we enjoy in our state!

Senate Bill 588, known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, would nullify all federal gun control laws and require Missouri peace officers to enforce Missouri gun laws.

It’s essential that Missouri lawmakers pass both of these bills!

But moderates in the Missouri Capitol are working overtime to run out the clock on these bills, which is why it’s so crucial that you send your pre-written emails!

Your emails remind lawmakers that you expect more than lip service, that with the primary and general elections on the horizon, you expect action in support of these bills.

So please send your emails right away, using the links above.

But I hope that you’ll also consider a donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition to help us maintain the pressure in Jeff City.

We are spending heavily through our digital and social media campaigns, to ensure that tens of thousands of these emails are slamming into lawmakers’ boxes in Jeff City.

And we need your help to maintain this pressure.

So whether you can donate $100, $75, $50, $25 or some other amount, please make a generous donation today to help us fight in Jeff City

Please do what you can, but whatever you do, fire off your emails right away!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr

Political Director

Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The Senate Committee hearing on legislation to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ as well as advancing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, has been delayed due to weather.

This hearing will likely take place next Thursday.

That’s why it’s URGENT that you fire off your pre-written emails in support of both of these
bills — before the hearing next Thursday
using the links above.

And if you can, please make an immediate donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition, to help us keep the pressure on “maximum” in Jeff City!

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