Rep. Jered Taylor Files SAPA Legislation!

The 2021 legislative session is right around the corner.

And with the increasing likelihood that Joe Biden will be the President next year, pressure is mounting in Jeff City to pass the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s Second Amendment Preservation Law next session!

In fact, our lead bill sponsor in the House, Representative Jered Taylor, has just pre-filed the bill, meaning that can it the ground running once the session begins.

But we must show the politicians in Jeff City how much support this legislation has, so please take a moment and sign your petition in support of SAPA legislation immediately!

Remember, legislative moderates have been blocking ALL gun bills since 2016, so we can’t take them at their word this year.

But with Joe Biden declaring war on our gun rights, we need SAPA legislation more than ever! Please read the email below for more details on SAPA legislation, and sign your petition in support!

And please share this email with every gun owner you know!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition