Missouri: Help Us Get This Ad on the Air!

The August 2nd primary will be here fast, and gun owners in West Central Missouri have a choice to make about who will fight for them in Congress.

It’s Missouri…during a Republican Party primary…so everyone claims to be pro-gun. But who can gun owners believe? Roy Blunt always said he was pro-gun, and he voted for Biden’s gun control bill just last month!

In this race, one candidate has surveyed 100% with the Missouri Firearms Coalition and has a decade long history of fighting for gun owners here in Missouri.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition just released this new digital ad, highlighting the differences between these candidates and their support for the Second Amendment.

Watch the ad here!

Now that you’ve seen the ad, I hope that you’ll agree to make a major donation so that the Missouri Firearms Coalition can get this ad online and on the air!


$50 will allow us to text this ad out to thousands of gun owners in the 4th Congressional District. $100 will allow us to ‘boost’ it on social media, where it can be seen by countless gun owners.

But we also want to get this ad on the radio stations like KMBZ, KCMO, KCFC, WDAF and KQRC. And this is just in the Kansas City area. These ads are going to run between $100 and $200 per spot.

And TV spots — that can reach tens of thousands of gun owners with a single spot — will cost more than that.

Our gun rights are hanging by a thread right now in Congress. Biden just passed a massive gun control bill last month, and they are working to ban ‘Assault Weapons’ as we speak!

It’s crucial that gun owners in this district know who will fight for gun rights, and who will not! Please help us!


Our media team says that we can get these ads up on the radio and TV yet this weekend, but we need to act very fast.

Please make a generous donation right away. And whatever you do, please forward this email to other gun owners so they know where these candidates stand on the Second Amendment! 

This is our time to send a message! Help us do it!         

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The Missouri Firearms Coalition has just released a new ad for gun owners in West Central Missouri, highlighting the differences between the candidates in the 4th Congressional district.

Please watch the ad, and then make an immediate donation so MOFC can get this ad out to gun owners across the district using texts, social media, radio and even TV ads!