Legislative Session Begins Today in Jeff City!

In just a few hours the 2021 legislative session will be kicking off in Jefferson City, which means it’s time for gun owners to start pouring pressure on the politicians in the Capitol!

As you know, the United State Congress will be meeting today, too, to certify the electoral college votes for the Presidential election. Pro-gun fighters in D.C., like Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14TH) and others, will be objecting to the votes, citing corruption and fraud.

But if the moderates on the right join with the radical left to shut down these objections, then Joe Biden may successfully steal this election and become the next President.

And that makes the 2021 legislative session here in Missouri — and passage of the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) — that much more important!

As you know, SAPA legislation (S.B. 39/H.B. 86) would nullify federal gun control laws here in Missouri by requiring Missouri peace officers to ONLY enforce gun laws passed by the Missouri legislature.

And what’s more, should a governmental entity here in Missouri ignore SAPA and try to enforce federal gun control laws, they could be brought into civil court for damages immediately!

If Joe Biden gets sworn in, then SAPA legislation will be the only thing standing between freedom and radical gun control.

The only question is: will the Missouri legislature do their job and pass this vital legislation, or will they kill all of the gun bills, as they have done for 4 years in a row?

Don’t let them get away with this again in 2021, sign your petition in support of SAPA legislation immediately!

I don’t know about you, but the fact that the legislature has killed every gun bill for four years in a row, is outrageous!

But after the incredible results of the primary election last year, insiders report that the politicians in Jeff City are nervous and desperately want to pass something this year.

So it’s vital that we FLOOD the legislature with calls and emails, demanding passage of SAPA law this year!

But it’s also high time that the legislature stops blocking our efforts to repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri!

These eighteen state-mandated locations (like churches, schools, and public transportation) are where violent criminals always launch killing sprees — knowing that in these areas, we can’t fight back.

Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Jered Taylor have already filed legislation (S.B. 117/H.B. 85) to fix this problem here in Missouri. But again, it’s going to require a massive amount of grassroots pressure to pass this bill!

So in addition to your petition in support of SAPA legislation, please sign the petition below, insisting that the politicians in Jeff City get rid of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ in 2021, too!

Please take action on both of these petitions right away.

Gun owners here in Missouri have been told to sit down and shut up for years, by arrogant moderates in Jeff City who have used our Second Amendment freedoms as fodder for their reelection campaigns — only to block pro-gun bills once safely in office.

In 2021, we need to remind them who they work for, and who they will answer to during the next election cycle if they continue blocking our gun rights.

Take action now!

Sign your petition immediately — it’s go time!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The 2021 legislative session starts in just a few hours, meaning our fight to save our Second Amendment is officially underway!

After four years of stonewalling, it’s high time the politicians in Jeff City do their job and repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ and pass SAPA legislation, to nullify future federal gun control.

Sign your petition for these vital pieces of legislation TODAY!

Demand an End to ‘Gun Free Zones’ in 2021!

Demand Action on SAPA Law in 2021!

If you haven’t renewed your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition, please do so at once!