Curtis Trent Wins Senate District 20 Primary!

Gun owners in Missouri have had two leading candidates vying for the GOP nomination for SD-20, but only one of them surveyed 100% with the Missouri Firearms Coalition and has a long history of FIGHTING for gun owners as a State Representative!

State Representative Curtis Trent has worked with MOFC for the past several years in the House, fighting like hell to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, including out of his House Committee in record time!

More than that, Curtis Trent promised, in writing, to FIGHT for gun owners in Jeff City by sponsoring pro-gun legislation like the Stand-Your-Ground expansion act and stopping Red Flag Laws!

That’s why we are happy as heck to report to MOFC members that Curtis Trent decisively won his primary tonight, meaning that he’ll likely be heading the Senate in Jeff City to fight for gun owners like he has in the House!

As you no doubt saw, MOFC blasted out critical information to hundreds of thousands of gun owners in this race between our email, texting, social media, and ‘Whiteboard Video’ programs, letting everybody in Missouri know EXACTLY where the candidates stood on your gun rights!

Our ‘Whiteboard Video’ alonwas viewed by over 16,000 gun owners in Missouri, check it out here if you’re curious!

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is the ONLY organization in the state that has worked around the clock for weeks, educating our members and other gun owners about where the candidates stand on our gun rights and exposing bad politicians in the process.

But tonight, I want to thank YOU for giving us the resources and ammo we needed to roll hard in these critical districts, ensuring that every gun owner had all the facts! 

You are the power of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, and we couldn’t do this without you.

Now that the primary is behind us, MOFC is gearing up for a battle in the fall as Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are hoping to destroy our state and our right to keep and bear arms with their Communist candidates.

MOFC must rebuild our war chest so we can hold the line. Please help us do that by making a generous donation TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition