A Special Message From Senator Eric Burlison!

I’m getting a little concerned.

The State Legislature will be kicking off in Jeff City very soon, and with everything that’s happened in Missouri this year, it’s going to be a major year in our struggle for gun rights!

But when I was talking to the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s (MOFC) Political Director Aaron Dorr the other night — a close friend of mine — he mentioned that you haven’t renewed your MOFC membership for 2021 just yet, at a time when they need your support more than ever.

Having worked alongside of MOFC in our mutual effort to advance Second Amendment freedom for years now, I know that they operate on a shoestring budget and that every membership matters!

So if you’ve already renewed your membership in MOFC for 2021, thank you very much for standing up for freedom and being counted in this cause — and I apologize for this unnecessary reminder.

But if you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to fill out your 2021 Membership Renewal form IMMEDIATELY.

As I’m sure Aaron has told you, 2021 will be a pivotal year in our defense of the Second Amendment here in Missouri — and that will be doubly true if Joe Biden ends up becoming the President after the dust clears on the November elections.

And while it’s too soon to know what happened on election night, it certainly seems clear to a growing number of people that President Trump was set up to fail in this election through a combination of ‘dead voters’ and poll watchers who were not allowed to count the mail-in ballots in key swing states!

As a State Senator and the lead bill sponsor for the Missouri Firearms Coalition in the Senate, I am operating under the assumption that Joe Biden may get into the White House.

More, if the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia go the wrong direction during the January 5th run-off, we need to assume that the U.S. Senate may fall into Chuck Schumer’s hands, too!

If that happens, it’s a certainty that Senator Schumer along with Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take immediate action on legislation like:

  1. A national registry of every gun owner in America!

Michael Bloomberg has been pushing this legislation for almost a decade, because before the left can confiscate our guns, they have to know where to find them. And ‘Universal Background Checks’ will help them do it.

  1. An outright ban on our AR-15’s and all similar rifles!

The AR-15 is America’s rifle. There is no better tool to defend against criminals and tyrants. That is why it’s the most popular firearm in the country, and that’s why the radical left wants to take it away so badly.

  1. Mental health check-ups for gun owners before every sale!

Patterned after similar legislation being pushed in states like New York and California, this bill would force you to submit to a mental health exam each time you buy a gun! This system is designed to allow government ‘shrinks’ to deny your right to buy a gun for any reason!

  1. National ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation!

This legislation is especially dangerous given how many Republicans are in favor of it. Red Flag laws allow liberal judges to confiscate your firearms through secret court proceedings and before you’ve even been charged, much less convicted, of a crime.

None of this legislation would stop criminals or reduce the rate of violent crime. But gun control has never been about guns or stopping crime. It’s ALWAYS been about giving the government complete control over ‘We the People.’

But I must be honest.

Even if the Senate remains in Republican hands, it would be a mistake to assume that gun owners like you and me can sit back and breathe easy, given some of the disturbing comments we’ve seen from some Republicans in the United States Senate over the last two years.

Already at least six Republican Senators have publicly agreed to support ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ -– a number that is likely to grow over time.

As gun owners, we need to stand up! And that’s why I hope you’ll renew your MOFC membership for 2021 right away!

For my part, I’ll be leading the charge in the Missouri Senate to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) during the upcoming legislative session.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act would nullify any federal gun control legislation that Joe Biden may try to force down our throats here in Missouri.

It does so by clearly stating that any federal gun control law that is more restrictive than Missouri law would not be able to be enforced here — as the Missouri Constitution empowers the legislature in Jeff City to decide what firearms Missourians can own, in accordance with the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights!

This legislation was racing along last year and had an astounding 87 co-sponsors over in the House, but we ran out of time to advance it as the legislature grappled with Covid-19.

As you may remember, this legislation will have real teeth by allowing individual gun owners to take government officials who violate SAPA law to court to seek civil remedies for damages incurred!

Passing SAPA will be my number one priority as it’s THE ONLY way to stave off federal gun control.

But I am also going to do everything in my power to hold the line on the gun rights that we have already put on the books here in Missouri.

It seems like every other day some media outlet in the state is calling for the repeal of Missouri’s Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

I can’t hardly describe what a disaster that would be.

Passed in 2016, Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground law gives important legal protections to Missourians who are forced to defend themselves against violent attackers in public places.

If the left gets their way and repeals Stand-Your-Ground law, you and I would be forced to retreat before we could defend ourselves while walking through a parking lot, in a park with your children, or in a gas station picking up a gallon of milk!

With Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters rioting, burning, and shooting their way across St. Louis and other major cities in Missouri earlier this year — the last thing we should be doing is making it harder for innocent people to defend themselves!

Similarly, repealing Constitutional Carry law would do absolutely nothing to take guns out of the hands of violent criminals here in Missouri.

All it would do is return us to the days when law abiding citizens had to go to a class, pay a fee, wait a few days, and add their name to a government database before they could carry a firearm for self-defense!

But I can only do so much on the inside. I’m counting on the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition to be doing what you do best: flooding the Capitol will calls and emails in defense of our great Second Amendment!

And I’m also counting on your to renew your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition for 2021, too.

MOFC members are the reason we have Stand-Your-Ground!

MOFC members are the reason we have Constitutional Carry!

And MOFC members are the reason that Missouri remains one of the freest states in America for the Second Amendment!

That’s why I hope you won’t walk away from the Missouri Firearms Coalition now — not after everything you’ve accomplished over the last couple of years and with what’s facing gun owners should Joe Biden end up in the White House!

So won’t you please agree to a generous Patriot Level membership renewal in the Missouri Firearms Coalition the amount of $125 today?

I know that’s a lot. But you’ve seen, firsthand, how effectively your support has been used to advocate for the Second Amendment and stop gun control here in Jeff City!

That’s why I hope that if a Patriot Level membership is just too much, you’ll at least consider a Freedom or Liberty Level membership — or whatever you can afford.

Aaron told me that anyone who renews their support for $75 or more will receive a FREE Missouri Firearms Coalition member T-shirt along with a decal, so please make sure to select the size of the shirt on your renewal form.

This struggle to defend our Second Amendment is getting hotter by the day — I sure hope you are a part of it next year!

For Missouri,

Senator Eric Burlison
Member, Missouri State Senate
District 20

P.S. While nothing is certain, it looks like the radical left is doing everything they can to remove President Trump through a combination of dead ‘voters’ and bogus vote counting!

And if Joe Biden becomes the President, he and Nancy Pelosi will launch attacks against our gun rights like we have never seen.

That’s why I hope that you will renew your membership in the Missouri Firearms Coalition for 2021, so we can hold the line for the Second Amendment here in Missouri!

Whatever amount you can renew at is up to you, but MOFC’S Political Director Aaron Dorr told me that every renewal of $75 or higher comes with a FREE MOFC T-Shirt — so please be generous!