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Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation allows gun owners to have their firearms and ammunition confiscated through judicial orders before they’ve been charged, let alone convicted, of a crime. Federal legislation enacted in 2022 allows Joe Biden to bribe states into passing these ‘Red Flag’ laws with $750,000,000 worth of taxpayer money.


  • Would prohibit the state or political sub-divisions from seizing firearms from anyone not convicted of a felony crime under state or federal law
  • Would prohibit the state or political sub-divisions in Missouri from using federal money to enforce ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’
  • Would allow Missourians to take political sub-divisions and law enforcement agencies who violate this legislation into court for civil damages
  • Does not change current Missouri law in any way regarding the purchase, transportation, or use of firearms, ammunition, or accessories


Red Flag Gun Seizures violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments to the United States Constitution and allow a person’s enemies (like an ex-spouse) to urge a judge to order the seizure of their firearms before they have been convicted of a crime. In many cases, these judicial hearings happen in secret, denying the gun owner any due process rights at all. Like all other forms of gun control, ‘Red Flag’ laws won’t stop a committed criminal, but they are very effective at disarming mass numbers of gun owners.

Missouri Firearms Coalition is 100% OPPOSED to any form of this legislation on behalf of our members. Gun owners in Missouri have fought to not only protect Second Amendment rights but to expand them. In 2022’s August primary and November general elections, they made it clear that they want legislators who will protect our gun rights in Missouri. Multiple candidates for legislative and statewide office were defeated last year because they were weak on Second Amendment issues.


Aaron Dorr, Political Director
573-338-4205 or [email protected]