You Are Invited!

As the 2017 session comes to a close here in Jeff City, it’s important that gun owners take stock of what went right and what went wrong this session in the fight for the Second Amendment.

Of course, 2016 was a fantastic year as we enacted not only Constitutional Carry legislation, but also Stand-Your-Ground law!

This year, things moved at a slower pace.

House Bill 630, our bill to end the almost two-dozen deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that cover our state, made it through two committees before being shut down.

All session long, as our Political Director Alexandra Salsman worked in the legislature testifying in committees and delivering petitions, she was outnumbered 10-1 by Michael Bloomberg’s activists.

The bottom line: we need more activists who are trained and prepared to stand alongside us and fight for our Second Amendment freedoms!

Now, as we prepare for the 2018 legislative session, it is a great time to bolster our number of trained activists.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that the Missouri Firearms Coalition is partnering up with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership to offer exclusive training in grassroots, confrontational politics to MOFC members!

This training is a no-holds barred look behind the curtain that will teach you:

>>>  How politics actually works, and why educating politicians about your cause won’t result in change in Jeff City;

>>>  The greatest lie in politics, and how it can be used against you by legislators if you’re not careful;

>>>  Real-world leadership strategies for grassroots activists to ensure that you don’t ‘get spun’ when you set foot in the Capitol;

>>>  Effective lobby tactics for grassroots organizations that actually work;

>>>  Practical tools on how you can run an election program of your own as early as 2018, to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun votes; and

>>>  How to start a political organization of your own and how to raise the funds you need to be effective!

And let me tell you, this only scratches the surface of what we’ll be covering in this day-long seminar!

That’s why I hope you’ll register for this exclusive event right now!


The first class that we are offering will take place on Saturday, June 10, in Springfield — and I wanted to give you plenty of notice to reserve the date.

The training will run from 9:00am-5:30pm and is being held in the meeting room at the National Safety Compliance office located at 424 N. Cedarbrook Ave., Springfield, MO, 65803.

The cost for the day-long training (and the included lunch) is $50. But if you register between now and May 27, the price will be discounted to just $40!

This class isn’t about political theory.

This class isn’t for those who want to sit back and talk about ‘how good it used to be.’

This class is for committed gun owners who want to learn the tools to be effective!

That’s why I hope you’ll sign up right away!


This training is powerful and just as important, it actually works!

You saw that first hand last year as the MOFC used these tactics to advance the largest gun rights bill in Missouri history.

So please, register today for this training class and stand with us as we fight to advance the Second Amendment here in Missouri!

But if you simply can’t make it to the class, please consider helping the Missouri Firearms Coalition as we work to train as many gun owners as possible this year by making a generous donation here.


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Chairman of the Board

P.S. With Michael Bloomberg activists outnumbering us in the Capitol ten to one this session, it’s never been more important that gun owners get trained in effective grassroots politics.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that the Missouri Firearms Coalition is teaming up with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership to offer a hard-hitting training seminar in Springfield on Saturday, June 10!

Please click here to reserve a spot
if you care about the Second Amendment and want to learn effective political tools that actually work at the ‘early bird’ price!

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