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Help Us Defend Missouri’s SAPA Law!

Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is the most important gun rights achievement in Missouri history, so it’s no wonder the Biden White House is hell-bent on overturning it!

As MOFC fights for SAPA in Federal Circuit Court this year, we also must guard against any effort to weaken SAPA in Jefferson City.

In fact, we expect legislation to be filed to gut key provisions of SAPA legislation very soon!

If we lose SAPA, Biden can use our own cops to enforce unconstitutional gun control orders against us!

Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION demanding that your State Senator and State Representative oppose ANY attempt to weaken, gut, or repeal Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition so that we can keep fighting for you in Jefferson City! You can get involved at!