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Hundreds of Gun Grabbers Hit the Capitol! Fight Back!

If you ever thought that your gun rights were perfectly safe here in Missouri, that you can afford to sit back and not engage in this fight, you need to see the picture below! You see, just a few weeks ago, between 500-1,000 America- hating gun grabbers — brought to Jeff City on buses paid for by Michael Bloomberg — slammed into the Capitol demanding the most radical gun control

House Holds Hearing on SAPA Legislation!

Late this week, the House General Laws Committee held their hearing on our Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 1637,) and now it’s up to the committee to decide whether or not to advance this bill. Known as SAPA, this legislation would nullify federal gun control laws by stating that any federal gun control law that is in violation of the 2 nd Amendment or the Missouri Constitution is null and

Bloomberg Hires 40, Opens 5 Offices in Missouri!

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The Godfather of Gun Control, New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has opened 5 offices here in Missouri and has already hired 40 staff members! And this is on top of the $4,000,000 that he has already committed to spending here in Missouri, advancing his Presidential aspirations and his gun control agenda. Bloomberg has money to burn -– he’s worth over $70 billion — and

SAPA Legislation is Exploding in Jeff City!

“In my seven years in the Missouri State House of Representatives, I don’t think I have ever seen a bill with over 80 cosponsors — certainly not a gun bill!” That’s what Rep. Jered Taylor just told me, as we were reviewing the current list of cosponsors on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (H.B. 1637) that we are pushing in Jeff City. As of this moment, we have a stunning

I Need You to Send One Email Right Now!

  As you may remember, the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee heard our two gun bills last week. The first was S.B. 588, known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would nullify future federal gun control laws that violate the Second Amendment and require that Missouri peace officers only enforce Missouri’s gun laws. The second was S.B. 663, legislation that would rid Missouri of all 17 ‘Gun Free

Has Your State Rep Cosponsored SAPA Legislation?

  Support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act (H.B. 1637) is exploding in the Missouri House of Representatives, thanks to the thousands of calls and emails that you have been thundering into the Capitol! As you know, this legislation is designed to protect our gun rights here in Missouri from federal gun control. And let me tell you, we need these protections now more than ever, as every single one

VIDEO UPDATE on Gun Bill in Jeff City!

Late last week, the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee had a hearing on both bills that the Missouri Firearms Coalition is pushing in Jeff City this session. Senate Bill 633 would eliminate the deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that force law abiding gun owners to disarm themselves in 17 different locations throughout the state! Senate Bill 588 would nullify federal gun control here in Missouri, by enacting the Second Amendment

Two Pro Gun Bills To Be Heard In Committee This Thursday!

With the hearing over the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) being delayed last Thursday due to inclement weather, we have more time to urge lawmakers to support this bill. And trust me, we need to do that, fast! As you likely know, SAPA legislation is a fantastic bill that would require Missouri peace officers to only enforce Missouri’s laws where our gun rights are concerned. We need this law, and

UPDATE: Hearing Delayed on the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

The committee hearing on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.B. 558) as well as legislation to repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ (S.B. 663,) which was scheduled to take place tomorrow morning, has been delayed due to the impending snowstorm. The legislature all but closed the door on the Capitol today mid-morning, as lawmakers headed home before the storm arrives. This is the second time that the Senate Transportation Committee has

'Red Flag Gun Seizures' Filed in Jeff City!

  We knew it was just a matter of time, we just didn’t know who was going to be leading the charge. But if you haven’t already heard, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation has been filed in Jefferson City, and that’s why I hope that you’ll take a moment to oppose this nasty legislation. The bill, Senate Bill 543, is the ultimate goal of gun-grabbers everywhere, because it allows you