Waiting Periods Get People Killed!

After ensuring violent crime rates skyrocketed thanks to her effort to defund the police, Nancy Pelosi and almost 100 Congressional Democrats are trying to mandate waiting periods on all handgun sales!

H.R. 1752 would make you a criminal for buying a handgun for self-defense without waiting for a mandatory three days first.

Besides being unconstitutional, this garbage legislation has been proven to get innocent women murdered, forcing them to wait for some government bureaucrat to give them the right to buy a gun for self-defense!

But in the wake of recent high profile shootings, politicians on both sides of the aisle hope to pass H.R. 1752 so they can prove that they are ‘doing something about guns.’

This legislation is certain to get more innocent people robbed, raped and murdered! Help us stop it; sign your petition against H.R. 1752 now, so your Congressman and Senators Blunt and Hawley know where you stand!

And when you’re done, please become a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, the most effective political fighting force in Missouri