Tell Lawmakers to Leave Your AR-15 Alone!

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, with an estimated 10-15 million of them in circulation across the country!

It’s easy to see why; these firearms are easy to maneuver, accurate, customizable, and hold plenty of ammunition, which makes them perfect for stopping both criminals and tyrants alike. 

Rep. Barbara Washington and a growing band of her fellow radical socialists in Jeff City hate the fact that you and I own these rifle and that’s why they are pushing H.B. 24, legislation that would allow them to send you away to prison for years for the ‘crime’ of buying on of these rifles! 

These lawmakers hate you and they hate the freedoms that you and I so proudly support.

Please take a moment to email/tweet/call your lawmakers in Jeff City, letting them know what you think about this legislation and then have your friends do the same thing!