Missouri Needs Stand-Your-Ground Law with Teeth!

Missouri’s self-defense laws allow ‘woke’ prosecutors like Kim Gardner to go after gun owners, instead of the violent criminals who attack us!

MOFC’s McCloskey Stand-Your-Ground Expansion Act will protect gun owners by granting immunity from prosecution for justifiable uses of force. And if you’re drug into court, this legislation will allow you to invoke Stand-Your-Ground law before trial, through a pre-trial immunity hearing!

This legislation also will cover the threatened use of force and strengthen Missouri’s assault laws, to protect gun owners who draw their firearm, but don’t have to shoot it.

This is how to stop ‘woke’ prosecutors. But first we need to pass the bill! Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION in support of this legislation right away, so your State Representative and State Senator know what you expect of them!

Then please donate, to help MOFC change Missouri’s self-defense laws before any more gun owners are attacked by liberal prosecutors!