‘VOTE NO’ on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Missouri!

Whereas: ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are an unconstitutional attack on my freedoms because they allow the courts to confiscate my guns through secret court proceedings before I’ve been convicted of a crime; and

Whereas: Joe Biden signed legislation last year that gave the DOJ $750,000,000 to dole out to states that pass ‘Red Flag’ laws, assuming he can use that bribe money to buy obedience from the Missouri legislature. But our legislature works for Missourians, not Biden; and

Whereas: The results of last year’s primary and general elections here in Missouri made it clear that gun owners expect the politicians in Jeff City to support the Second Amendment, not weaken it, and that they’ll hold anti-gunners in both parties accountable for their votes; and

Whereas: ‘Red Flag’ laws are designed to be expanded the moment they become law.

Therefore: As a proud gun owner in your district, I insist that you ‘VOTE NO’ on HB-413 or any other form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ this session! MOFC will keep me informed on this.

Once you’ve signed your petition, please take the next step and become a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition so that we can keep fighting for you in Jefferson City! You can get involved at www.JOINMOFC.com!