Nancy Pelosi has just turned up the heat on H.R. 3088, legislation that makes FELONS out of millions of American gun owners who own homemade firearms!

Known as 80% lowers, these homemade firearms are wildly popular with gun owners who enjoy using them to make anything from an AR-15 to a Ruger 10/22. And because they are homemade, they don’t have a serial number so they can’t be tracked by Joe Biden!

Biden can’t confiscate what he can’t find, and that’s why he’s going ‘all in’ on H.R. 3088. Besides making criminals out of gun owners with unserialized firearms, this bill would also make FELONS out of Americans who own tools whose ‘primary function’ is to manufacture firearms!

The purpose of this legislation is simple: to register every firearm in the country and make it a crime to even own the tools needed to make firearms. This is the definition of tyranny.

But this bill already has over 100 co-sponsors and is gaining ground rapidly! We need to SHUT IT DOWN!

Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against H.R. 3088 right away, so your Congressman knows where you stand! Then join MOFC in our fight to stop Biden and Pelosi’s federal gun control agenda!