Make Sure the Gun Grabbers Don’t Repeal Stand Your Ground Law!

In 2016, Missourians finally finished a long battle to pass Stand-Your-Ground law. This legislation removed the ‘duty to retreat’ that required you to retreat from an armed attacker before you could defend yourself or your loved one, allowing you to stand your ground. 

In addition, the bill provided critical civil immunity provisions, as well, stating that you would be immune from a civil lawsuit if you did not break the law — ensuring that a thug couldn’t sue you into bankruptcy after forcing you to shoot him in self-defense. 

But now anti-gun lawmakers, like Representative Peter Meredith and many others, are trying to overturn Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground law. This would return Iowa to the days where anti-gun prosecutors could put a gun owner in prison, just for defending themselves from a dangerous criminal! 

Don’t let them get away with is, sign your petition, demanding that Missouri lawmakers leave our Stand-Your-Ground law alone!