About Missouri Firearms Coalition

The Missouri Firearms Coalition was founded in the summer of 2015 by Missourians who are sick and tired of politicians campaigning on a pro-gun platform and then failing to fight to advance a pro-gun platform, once safely in Jefferson City.

While professed pro-gun legislators have a majority in both chambers, Missouri lags behind many other states in protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners.

In 2015 year alone, numerous states signed Constitutional Carry into law and made progress in advancing Stand-Your-Ground law – yet both of these bills died again this year in Jefferson City.

Too many organizations exist to serve the interest of the legislators in the Capitol – not their members.

Not us.

We will expose gun control and anti-gun legislators at every turn. But we’ll also let our members know who’s simply refusing to advance pro-gun legislation. We’ll do this using email updates, our social media platform, direct mail, radio ads and more!

Gun owners have a voice that fights for them in Missouri Firearms Coalition.

If you like the sound of a no compromise, no nonsense, and unrelenting organization that is out to protect your gun rights and expose all who would threaten them – than we welcome your support and hope that you’ll stand with us!