Dear Second Amendment Supporter,

Welcome to the 2018 Missouri Firearms Coalition Pre-Primary Survey Results page.

We surveyed every candidate running for the Missouri House and Senate in the 2018 election cycle, and asked them all the 9 questions listed below.

Each candidate was clearly informed that a failure to return the 2018 Missouri Firearms Coalition survey or refusal to answer particular questions would be graded as an anti-gun position.

Gun owners are situated to make a huge impact by making knowledgeable choices in the primary process.

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Knowing which district you live in will enable you to scroll through the results below to find out where you candidates stand on our Second Amendment.

  1. Gun free zones, falsely sold as a way to stop violent crime, have been shown to do the exact opposite. Virtually every large-scale shooting in the past few years have taken place in one of these so-called “Gun Free Zones,” often with tragic results. We’ve seen this time and time again in places like the Parkland, FL high school, the Sutherland, TX church last year, the Las Vegas, NV concert, the Orlando, FL nightclub, and dozens more! Missouri code is full of areas where law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry defensive firearms – leaving them vulnerable to the whims of an armed madman. Over the last two sessions, legislation has been introduced to overturn these deadly ‘Gun Free Zones.’ But while the bill has passed numerous committees, it has not received a floor vote.

If elected, will you SUPPORT legislation that repeals some of these so called “Gun Free Zones,” in areas where the state legislature has control, knowing that they only benefit armed madmen who are looking to rack up a body count? 

________Sponsor          _________Cosponsor           ______ No

  1. During the 2016 legislative session, Missouri enacted Constitutional Carry legislation which merely allows law abiding citizens to carry a defensive firearm without having to add their name to a government database or pay hefty fees. In doing so, Missouri joined another dozen states that have also become Constitutional Carry states. However, during the 2018 session Rep. Peter Meredith introduced H.B. 1733 to repeal Constitutional Carry. In addition, Bloomberg funded groups have also worked to repeal this legislation. The bill died, but is likely to be reintroduced in the future.

If elected, would you OPPOSE any legislation that would repeal Missouri’s hard-won Constitutional Carry law?

_____Yes                    ______ No

  1. During the 2016 legislative session, Missouri also enacted Stand-Your-Ground law, which allows innocent citizens to defend themselves from violent criminals without having to retreat first. Absent this legislation, gun owners could be arrested and prosecuted for not retreating an arbitrary number of steps before defending themselves or their loved ones. However, during the 2018 session, Rep. Peter Meredith introduced H.B. 1733 which would have repealed this crucial legislation. The bill died, but is likely to be reintroduced in the future.

If elected, would you OPPOSE any legislation that would repeal Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground law?

       _____Yes                    ______ No

  1. Anti-gun organizations, often funded with out-of-state resources from Michael Bloomberg, have been clamoring for legislation to end all private party firearms transfers in Missouri unless they submit to a federal NCIC check, thereby adding themselves and the firearm to a federal list. As we’ve seen, this legislation does little to stop crime but creates statewide databases of gun owners – which the Missouri state government has leaked multiple times.

If elected, would you OPPOSE “Universal Gun Registration” legislation that would ban all private party sales and makes criminals out of Missouri gun owners who want to pass on family firearms to their children and grandchildren – and create a database of gun owners at the same time?

Yes_____                    No______

  1. Legislation was introduced in recent years that would enact a mandatory 3-day waiting period before law abiding citizens would be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment freedoms and purchase a firearm for self-defense. This, despite the fact that the madmen in some of the worst mass shootings in America, like the one at Virginia Tech or the nightclub in Florida, purchased their guns AFTER submitting to these waiting periods. Of course, these waiting periods do nothing to stop violent crime and only leave law abiding citizens vulnerable during times where they need a firearm the most – such as the riots in Ferguson, MO that rocked our state in 2014.

If elected, would you OPPOSE any legislation that would place unconstitutional waiting periods limiting when a law-abiding citizen in Missouri could purchase a firearm for self-defense?

Yes_____                    No______

  1. In the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting, anti-gun lawmakers, the media, and Bloomberg funded activists have been screaming for a complete ban of the AR-15 (and their standard 30-round magazine) and hundreds of related firearms all because of a variety of cosmetic features. Legislation has been introduced to ban these firearms in Washington, D.C., and lawmakers here in Missouri have worked to introduce similar legislation. This, despite the fact that all semi-automatic firearms function essentially the same way.

If elected, would you OPPOSE legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or large-capacity magazines, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?

Yes _____                 No _____

  1. Mental health has become a back door for gun control by expanding the criteria for voluntary and involuntary mental health commitments, adding more and more people to the NCIC ‘prohibited persons’ list often without due process and full adjudication by a court of law. Once a person’s name is placed on this list, it is virtually impossible to have it removed. In most cases this legislation, commonly referred to as ‘Red Flag Orders,’ would allow someone who has never even been convicted of a crime to have their gun rights arbitrarily taken away!

If elected, would you OPPOSE ‘Red Flag Orders’ and similar legislation that would deny law abiding Missourians their gun rights without due process through a court of law and without ever having been convicted in a court of law?

Yes_____                    No______

  1. Various state legislatures have already passed legislation that would ban all gun rights from American citizens between the ages of 18-20. In addition, many lawmakers at the state and federal level are publicly calling for this legislation to be enacted at the state level nationwide!  This, despite the fact that these are law abiding citizens that can serve in the military, pay taxes, get married, have careers and enjoy every other aspect of being a legal adult.

If elected, would you OPPOSE legislation that would leave American citizens between the ages of 18-20 defenseless and unable to buy a firearm for self-defense? 

 Yes _____                 No _____

<h3>The Results Received back from Primary Candidates</h3>
<em>SP= Sponsor  | CSP = Co-Sponsor</em>

NamePositionPartyTelephone NumberEmail AddressQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8
Patrice BillingsSenate District 2D
Karla MaySenate District 4D[email protected]
Jacob W. HummelSenate District 4D314-457-1792
Bryan StruebigSenate District 6D573-552-7644[email protected]NN?YNNNY
Nicole ThompsonSenate District 6D573-746-2592[email protected]
Mollie Kristen FreebairnSenate District 6D573-556-8653[email protected]
Hillary ShieldsSenate District 8D816-875-0142[email protected]
Ayanna ShiversSenate District 10D573-567-5178[email protected]
Terry RichardSenate District 12D816-769-7282[email protected]
Sharon L. PaceSenate District 14D
Brian WilliamsSenate District 14D[email protected]
Joe AdamsSenate District 14D314-862-7877
Ryan DillonSenate District 16D573-465-3939[email protected]
Crystal StephensSenate District 18D573-541-2103[email protected]
Jim BilledoSenate District 20D417-343-7826[email protected]
Robert ButlerSenate District 22D314-605-0024[email protected]
Edward ThurmanSenate District 22D314-619-5605[email protected]
Jill SchuppSenate District 24D
John KiehneSenate District 26D[email protected]
Joe PoorSenate District 28D573-410-2412
Charlie NorrSenate District 30D417-831-6944[email protected]
Carolyn McGowanSenate District 32D417-673-1146[email protected]NNNNNNNN
Martin T. Rucker IISenate District 34D
Paul TaylorHouse District 1D660-725-4734[email protected]
Joni PerryHouse District 3D417-529-4500[email protected]
Joe FreseHouse District 5D573-406-1350[email protected]CYYYYYYY
Mitch WrennHouse District 6D
Dennis VanDykeHouse District 7D660-734-2195[email protected]
Caleb McKnightHouse District 8D816-632-0576[email protected]
Bob BerglandHouse District 9D[email protected]
Shane R. ThompsonHouse District 10D
Austin MonteeHouse District 10D816-313-2014[email protected]
Brady Lee O'DellHouse District 11D
Sandy Van WagnerHouse District 12D816-803-5450[email protected]
Mitch WeberHouse District 13D
Matt SainHouse District 14D816-866-3710[email protected]
Jon CarpenterHouse District 15D816-786-3538
Tom GorencHouse District 16D816-456-5844[email protected]
Mark EllebrachtHouse District 17D816-217-5575
Lauren ArthurHouse District 18D816-813-2090
Wes RogersHouse District 18D816-560-0593[email protected]
Ingrid BurnettHouse District 19D816-214-2338[email protected]
Jessica MerrickHouse District 20D816-650-8380[email protected]
Dan O'NeillHouse District 21D816-786-0317[email protected]
Holmes OsborneHouse District 21D816-633-4444[email protected]
Robert SaulsHouse District 21D816-509-5021[email protected]
Brandon EllingtonHouse District 22D
Barbara Anne WashingtonHouse District 23D816-645-9199[email protected]
Judy MorganHouse District 24D816-809-9132[email protected]
Greg RazerHouse District 25D
Dylan BurdHouse District 26D[email protected]
Duvel (DJ) PierreHouse District 26D816-582-7194[email protected]
Edward BellHouse District 26D816-213-8751[email protected]
Ashley Bland ManloveHouse District 26D816-799-5707[email protected]
Richard BrownHouse District 27D816-533-4990[email protected]
Jerome BarnesHouse District 28D816-935-3844
Shea Tan HendersonHouse District 28DNYYYYYYY
Rory RowlandHouse District 29D
Ryana Parks-ShawHouse District 30D816-945-2105[email protected]
Travis HagewoodHouse District 31D816-719-7933[email protected]
Janice BrillHouse District 32D816-286-0380[email protected]
Matthew SimmonsHouse District 33D[email protected]
Pat WilliamsHouse District 33D660-351-0884NYYYNYYY
James P. (Jim) RipleyHouse District 34D816-525-2722[email protected]
Keri IngleHouse District 35D816-875-9635
DaRon McGeeHouse District 36D[email protected]
Joe RunionsHouse District 37D816-898-1003[email protected]
Abby ZavosHouse District 38D816-694-7053[email protected]
Rick MellonHouse District 39D
David A BeckhamHouse District 41D636-462-0831[email protected]
Joseph WidnerHouse District 42D573-340-1202[email protected]
Jamie BlairHouse District 43D[email protected]
Maren Bell JonesHouse District 44D573-639-9503[email protected]
Kip KendrickHouse District 45D573-823-7256
Martha StevensHouse District 46D253-777-8419[email protected]
Adrian PlankHouse District 47D573-999-9962
Raymond (Jeff) FaubionHouse District 48D660-248-2411[email protected]
Lisa BuhrHouse District 49D[email protected]
Michela SkeltonHouse District 50D573-207-9216[email protected]
Vince LutterbieHouse District 51D660-815-7670[email protected]
Dan MarshallHouse District 52D660-287-8521
Connie SimmonsHouse District 53D816-456-8791[email protected]NNYYNYYY
James L. WilliamsHouse District 54D660-624-9422
Joan ShoresHouse District 57D660-200-5809
Linda Ellen GreesonHouse District 59D573-392-3208
Kevin A NelsonHouse District 60D
Sara MichaelHouse District 60D573-230-7125[email protected]
Pamela A. MenefeeHouse District 61D636-221-2361[email protected]
Ashley D. FajkowskiHouse District 62D573-760-9745
Janet KesterHouse District 63D[email protected]
Bill OttoHouse District 65D314-397-6037[email protected]
Khalil Abdul MuminHouse District 66D314-643-6165[email protected]
Tommie Pierson, Jr.House District 66D[email protected]
Alan K. GreenHouse District 67D314-568-3851[email protected]
Jay MosleyHouse District 68D[email protected]
Gretchen BangertHouse District 69D314-518-7537[email protected]
Donald L. KleinHouse District 70DNNYYYYYY
Gregory A UpchurchHouse District 70D314-406-3783[email protected]
Paula BrownHouse District 70D
LaDonna AppelbaumHouse District 71D314-520-3094[email protected]
Boris AbadzhyanHouse District 71D314-556-2753[email protected]
Doug ClemensHouse District 72D314-428-3292[email protected]
Sheryl GladneyHouse District 72D314-357-6431[email protected]
Dan WibrachtHouse District 72D314-276-6149[email protected]
Jeanine MolloffHouse District 72D
Eileen Grant McGeogheganHouse District 72D314-429-6199[email protected]
Lee SmithHouse District 73D314-532-4042[email protected]
Floyd BlackwellHouse District 73D314-369-4557
Raychel ProudieHouse District 73D314-717-1416
Cora Faith WalkerHouse District 74D314-699-4585[email protected]
Teona McGhaw-Boure'House District 75D[email protected]
Alan GrayHouse District 75D
Cydney E. JohnsonHouse District 76D314-680-9612
Damon HaymerHouse District 76D573-953-3081[email protected]
Marissa BrownHouse District 76D314-736-8829
Chris CarterHouse District 76D314-755-2337
Steve RobertsHouse District 77D314-367-4600
Kimberly-Ann CollinsHouse District 77D314-320-8691
Bruce Franks Jr.House District 78D
LaKeySha BosleyHouse District 79D
J.P. JohnsonHouse District 79D314-640-3108[email protected]
Reign HarrisHouse District 79D
Maxine JohnsonHouse District 79D314-532-7063[email protected]
Peter MeridethHouse District 80D314-307-2713[email protected]
Mariah VandiverHouse District 80D314-324-1971[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Steve ButzHouse District 81D314-250-1710[email protected]
Travis EstesHouse District 81D314-443-8161
Donna M.C. BaringerHouse District 82D314-496-4429
Fred KratkyHouse District 82D314-481-0444[email protected]
Gina MittenHouse District 83D314-644-0919[email protected]
Wiley Price IVHouse District 84D[email protected]
Brad BakkerHouse District 84D314-596-2257[email protected]
Kevin L. Windham, Jr.House District 85D314-324-5247[email protected]
Errol S. BushHouse District 85D314-495-7202
Jacob WaltersHouse District 85D314-884-8021[email protected]
Eric B. ReeseHouse District 85D314-283-5982[email protected]
Farrakhan ShegogHouse District 86D
Maria N. Chappelle-NadalHouse District 86D
Gloria (Glo) NickersonHouse District 86D314-726-6634[email protected]
Bobby ShieldsHouse District 86D314-971-9410[email protected]
Ian MackeyHouse District 87D314-279-8380[email protected]
Sam K. GladneyHouse District 87D[email protected]
Tracy McCreeryHouse District 88D314-498-2161
Kevin FitzGeraldHouse District 89D636-399-4147[email protected]
Deb LavenderHouse District 90D314-749-7777[email protected]
Sarah UnsickerHouse District 91D314-494-1866[email protected]
Doug BeckHouse District 92D314-603-7404
Bob BurnsHouse District 93D314-452-5823[email protected]
Jean PrettoHouse District 94D314-973-7980[email protected]
Mike WalterHouse District 95D314-701-5750[email protected]
Erica HoffmanHouse District 96D314-412-1110
Mike RevisHouse District 97D314-504-3442[email protected]
Charles TriplettHouse District 98D636-579-1418[email protected]
Mike LaBozzettaHouse District 99D[email protected]
Helena WebbHouse District 100D[email protected]
Genevieve SteidtmannHouse District 101D314-610-2826[email protected]
John F. FosterHouse District 102D314-482-3573[email protected]
Gary WesterHouse District 102D636-294-2089[email protected]
Jim KlencHouse District 103D314-475-3112[email protected]
Peggy SherwinHouse District 104D
Scott CernicekHouse District 105D314-486-7418[email protected]
Denny BraunHouse District 105D636-544-5002SYYYYYYY
Jackie SclairHouse District 106D
Curtis WyldeHouse District 107D636-395-2215[email protected]
Betty ViningHouse District 108D[email protected]
James CordreyHouse District 109D417-987-1816[email protected]
Cody KelleyHouse District 110D636-675-2081
Phoebe OttomeyerHouse District 111D314-604-1380[email protected]
Benjamin HaginHouse District 112D[email protected]
Karen Settlemoir-BergHouse District 113D314-605-3279[email protected]
Dennis McDonaldHouse District 114D[email protected]
Bill KraemerHouse District 116D
Kayla ChickHouse District 117D573-330-4384[email protected]
Brian RidenourHouse District 118D[email protected]
Barbara MarcoHouse District 118D314-226-5577[email protected]
Marcie NicholsHouse District 119D573-205-6999
Theresa SchmittHouse District 120D573-263-8663[email protected]
Matt HeltzHouse District 121D573-855-5529[email protected]
Joe RegisterHouse District 123D573-836-4036
Steve DakopolosHouse District 124D573-374-7032
Chase CrawfordHouse District 125D417-399-1904
Jim HoganHouse District 126D816-255-8302[email protected]
Teri HannaHouse District 127D417-681-0997[email protected]CNNYY??Y
Rich HortonHouse District 128D417-207-4567[email protected]
Ronna FordHouse District 129D417-664-0801[email protected]
Tyler GunlockHouse District 130D
Nate BranscomHouse District 131D
Crystal QuadeHouse District 132D417-766-4224
Cindy SlimpHouse District 133D[email protected]
Derrick NowlinHouse District 134D417-569-9852[email protected]
Rob BaileyHouse District 135D417-693-2222[email protected]
Jeff MunzingerHouse District 136D417-860-7990[email protected]
Raymond LampertHouse District 137D[email protected]
Cora HanfHouse District 139D[email protected]
Tony SmithHouse District 140D417-633-5616[email protected]
Ronald G. PemberHouse District 145D636-397-2952[email protected]
Gayla A. DaceHouse District 146D573-986-8772[email protected]
Renita GreenHouse District 147D
Bill BurlisonHouse District 149D573-794-2471[email protected]
Josh RittenberryHouse District 150D573-724-7473[email protected]
J. T. (Jerry) HowardHouse District 151D573-624-5342[email protected]
Robert L. SmithHouse District 152D573-785-8725
Matt MichelHouse District 153D573-718-4492[email protected]
Loretta ThomasHouse District 157D417-606-0334
Jerry SparksHouse District 159D[email protected]
Angela R ThomasHouse District 160D417-592-5515
Elizabeth LundstrumHouse District 161D417-438-8536[email protected]
Sarah HinkleHouse District 162D
Chad FletcherHouse District 163D
Bob OnderSenate District 2R636-561-8968
Robert J. CrumpSenate District 4R314-781-9029CSYYYYYYY
Mike BernskoetterSenate District 6R573-635-8446[email protected]
Mike CierpiotSenate District 8R816-289-5117[email protected]
Leonard Jonas Hughes IVSenate District 8R816-865-6627[email protected]
Jeanie RiddleSenate District 10R
Dan HegemanSenate District 12R
Justin Dan BrownSenate District 16R573-578-8066
Diane FranklinSenate District 16R
Keith FrederickSenate District 16R573-201-8914[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Lindell F ShumakeSenate District 18R573-221-3137[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Craig RedmonSenate District 18R573-288-5983[email protected]
Cindy O'LaughlinSenate District 18R660-651-4151SYYYYYYY
Nate WalkerSenate District 18R660-346-0840[email protected]
Eric W. BurlisonSenate District 20RSYYYYYYY
Paul WielandSenate District 22R636-464-2610[email protected]
Gregory B. PowersSenate District 24R636-256-6644[email protected]
Dave SchatzSenate District 26R[email protected]
Sandy CrawfordSenate District 28R
Lincoln HoughSenate District 30R417-848-7902
Bill WhiteSenate District 32R417-434-5361[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Rob O'BrianSenate District 32R[email protected]
Tony LuetkemeyerSenate District 34R816-343-8911
Harry RobertsSenate District 34R
Scot Van MeterSenate District 34R
Allen AndrewsHouse District 1R660-564-2684[email protected]
J. EgglestonHouse District 2R816-892-0620
Amy BabcockHouse District 2R816-390-3863
Danny BusickHouse District 3R660-292-1314[email protected]
Greg SharpeHouse District 4R660-341-5708CSYYYYYYY
Neal R. MinorHouse District 5R573-231-2753[email protected]
Louis RiggsHouse District 5R573-248-0225SYYYYYYY
Loren L. GrahamHouse District 5R573-248-6906[email protected]SYYYYYYY
John Paul TomkoHouse District 5R573-340-5392[email protected]
Tim RemoleHouse District 6R660-775-2331[email protected]
Rusty BlackHouse District 7R
James W. (Jim) NeelyHouse District 8R[email protected]
Sheila SolonHouse District 9R816-507-5483[email protected]
Tina GoodrickHouse District 9R816-617-4012[email protected]
Christopher EvansHouse District 9R816-387-1295[email protected]
Mik ChesterHouse District 9R
Bill FalknerHouse District 10R
Billy BabcockHouse District 10R
Lloyd Buck GrahamHouse District 11R
Chris ShoveHouse District 11R816-379-8638[email protected]
Brenda ShieldsHouse District 11R816-387-6707[email protected]
Kenneth WilsonHouse District 12R816-824-9074[email protected]
Vic AllredHouse District 13RCSYYYYYYY
Kevin CorlewHouse District 14R816-559-2413[email protected]
Eric HolmesHouse District 14R
Steve WestHouse District 15R816-898-2211[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Simon T AbelaHouse District 15R[email protected]
Timothy HarrisHouse District 15R816-436-8852[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
J. Ranen BechtholdHouse District 15R
Noel J ShullHouse District 16R
Mary HillHouse District 17R
Sarah MillsHouse District 18R816-589-2103[email protected]
Bill E. KiddHouse District 20R816-686-1180
David MartinHouse District 23R816-536-4670
James L. LowmanHouse District 30R816-337-5040CSYYYYYYY
Jon PattersonHouse District 30R
Chris HankinsHouse District 30R816-977-5638
Dan StacyHouse District 31R816-820-8092
Jeff ColemanHouse District 32R816-321-8847[email protected]
Donna PfautschHouse District 33R816-380-2412[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Rebecca RoeberHouse District 34R[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Tom LovellHouse District 35R816-810-4260
Sean SmithHouse District 35R816-200-2419[email protected]
John D Boyd JrHouse District 37R816-535-0065[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Doug RicheyHouse District 38R816-223-5759[email protected]
Peggy McGaughHouse District 39R
Jim HansenHouse District 40RCSYYYYYYY
Randy PietzmanHouse District 41R314-280-3955[email protected]
Jessica CatronHouse District 42R636-359-0706[email protected]
Jeff PorterHouse District 42R573-289-8318[email protected]
Kent HadenHouse District 43R573-253-8966[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Adela FalkHouse District 43R573-254-3573[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Ed LockwoodHouse District 43R[email protected]
Cheri Toalson ReischHouse District 44R573-696-2474[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Cathy D. RichardsHouse District 46R
Charles (Chuck) BasyeHouse District 47R573-356-3405
Dave MuntzelHouse District 48RSYYYYYYY
Travis FitzwaterHouse District 49R[email protected]
Sara WalshHouse District 50R573-340-1333[email protected]
Dean A. DohrmanHouse District 51R[email protected]
Bradley PollittHouse District 52R660-221-7633[email protected]
Glen KolkmeyerHouse District 53R816-405-6272[email protected]
Dan HouxHouse District 54R[email protected]
Mike VinckHouse District 55R816-215-6972[email protected]
Bing SchimmelpfenningHouse District 55R816-380-6182[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Mike HaffnerHouse District 55R816-529-2024[email protected]
Jack BondonHouse District 56R
Rodger L. ReedyHouse District 57R[email protected]
David WoodHouse District 58R573-789-5282[email protected]
Karen LeydensHouse District 59R573-230-5830[email protected]
Rudy L. VeitHouse District 59R573-690-0927[email protected]
Kendra LaneHouse District 59R[email protected]
Randy DinwiddieHouse District 59R314-580-3455[email protected]
Rik CombsHouse District 59R573-644-3570[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Jane BeetemHouse District 60R573-680-0005
Pat Rowe KerrHouse District 60R573-462-9531[email protected]SY???YYY
Dave GriffithHouse District 60R573-301-6259[email protected]
Justin AlfermanHouse District 61R
Tom HurstHouse District 62R573-229-4675[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Bryan SpencerHouse District 63R314-740-1050[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Robert CornejoHouse District 64R314-452-0281[email protected]
Tom HanneganHouse District 65R314-761-8060
Patti LongworthHouse District 67R[email protected]
Adam JenningHouse District 69R314-397-6304[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Mark MatthiesenHouse District 70R314-541-0098[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Bruce BuwaldaHouse District 72RCSYYYYYYY
Erik ShelquistHouse District 82R314-795-6984[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Steven McKnightHouse District 85R314-249-1179[email protected]
Steven G. BaileyHouse District 87R314-703-7948[email protected]
Karan PujjiHouse District 88R314-249-2172[email protected]
Lloyd NolanHouse District 88R314-725-1880[email protected]
Dean PlocherHouse District 89R
Jennifer BirdHouse District 91R[email protected]
Bill HeisseHouse District 92R636-399-9697[email protected]
Ron RammahaHouse District 94R314-800-4448[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Jim MurphyHouse District 94R314-603-9253[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Joe PattersonHouse District 95R314-520-1540[email protected]
Michael A. ODonnellHouse District 95R[email protected]
David J. GregoryHouse District 96R314-619-4230[email protected]
Mary Elizabeth ColemanHouse District 97R314-375-6715[email protected]
Phil AmatoHouse District 97R314-323-1814[email protected]
David C. LintonHouse District 97R
Shamed DoganHouse District 98R[email protected]
Jean EvansHouse District 99R314-229-0827[email protected]
Derek GrierHouse District 100R
Bruce DeGrootHouse District 101R
Ron HicksHouse District 102R636-328-7050[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Bryan CooperHouse District 102R[email protected]
John D. WiemannHouse District 103R636-764-0103[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Adam SchneltingHouse District 104R636-497-2273[email protected]
Phil ChristofanelliHouse District 105R636-486-6407
Chrissy SommerHouse District 106R[email protected]
Nick SchroerHouse District 107R314-605-8691[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Justin HillHouse District 108R
John SimmonsHouse District 109R
Bob OreskovicHouse District 109R636-432-8878[email protected]
Kevin JuergensHouse District 109R636-226-6081[email protected]?YYYYYYY
Constance GarciaHouse District 109R[email protected]
Dottie BaileyHouse District 110RSYYYYYYY
Matt DoellHouse District 110R314-575-8618[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Shane RodenHouse District 111R636-795-2715SYYYYYYY
Gary BonackerHouse District 111R[email protected]
Rob VescovoHouse District 112R314-308-4345
Dan ShaulHouse District 113R
Becky RuthHouse District 114R314-288-6995[email protected]
Elaine Freeman GannonHouse District 115R
Marvin FrickeHouse District 115RSYYYYYYY
Dale L. WrightHouse District 116R573-576-1969[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Mike HendersonHouse District 117R573-701-2831
Mike McGirlHouse District 118R573-210-1040[email protected]
Kyle BoneHouse District 118R757-472-9330[email protected]
Chuck HoskinsHouse District 118R573-724-2091[email protected]
Nate TateHouse District 119R
Jason ChipmanHouse District 120R573-308-5816[email protected]
Don MayhewHouse District 121R573-216-1527[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Matt MillerHouse District 121R314-620-4434[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Bruce GoodrichHouse District 121R573-765-2633
Steve LynchHouse District 122R573-528-3401[email protected]
Suzie PollockHouse District 123R417-664-2161
Thomas WyattHouse District 123R573-979-3244[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Wes PowellHouse District 123RSYYYYYYY
Nathan WilliamsHouse District 123R[email protected]
Rocky MillerHouse District 124R573-216-6506[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Warren D. LoveHouse District 125R417-646-2320[email protected]
Bill YarberryHouse District 126R417-944-2675[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Patricia PikeHouse District 126R816-738-4995[email protected]
Ann KelleyHouse District 127R417-262-0736[email protected]
George Randall HeimHouse District 127R417-439-2946
Mike StephensHouse District 128R417-326-4043[email protected]
Jeff KnightHouse District 129R417-594-0050
Jeff MessengerHouse District 130R417-830-7560[email protected]
Sonya Murray AndersonHouse District 131R
Laurel YoumansHouse District 132R
Sarah SempleHouse District 132R417-893-0103
Michael PhillipsHouse District 132R
Curtis D. TrentHouse District 133R417-683-8587[email protected]
Elijah HaahrHouse District 134R417-693-2138[email protected]
Daniel RomineHouse District 134R[email protected]
Deshon PorterHouse District 135R[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Steve HelmsHouse District 135R417-459-6200[email protected]
Dennis Lee ChiltonHouse District 135R417-234-5946[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
J. Craig FishelHouse District 136R
Georjene TiltonHouse District 137R417-234-0453CSYYYYYYY
John F. BlackHouse District 137R417-343-7291[email protected]
Brad HudsonHouse District 138R417-559-3561[email protected]
Marshall WorksHouse District 138R[email protected]
Isaac Howard Paul BoydHouse District 138R
Jered TaylorHouse District 139R417-317-4291SYYYYYYY
Jason ShafferHouse District 140R417-450-9617[email protected]
Lynn MorrisHouse District 140R417-612-1610CSYYYYYYY
Hannah KellyHouse District 141R417-257-4529
Robert RossHouse District 142R
Jack BatesHouse District 143R417-264-2000[email protected]
Jeffrey PogueHouse District 143R573-247-7127
Chris DinkinsHouse District 144R573-598-3808
Beau McCoy GoochHouse District 144R573-300-3949[email protected]
Rick FrancisHouse District 145R573-517-3176[email protected]
Tony LaForestHouse District 146R[email protected]CSNNYYNYY
Barry D. HovisHouse District 146R573-587-1947[email protected]
Kathy SwanHouse District 147R573-335-3515[email protected]
Holly RehderHouse District 148R[email protected]
Don RoneHouse District 149R573-359-4662[email protected]
Andrew McDanielHouse District 150R573-559-9857
Herman MorseHouse District 151R573-820-7502[email protected]
Hardy BillingtonHouse District 152R573-785-7225[email protected]
Jack (Skip) JohnsonHouse District 153R573-996-6056SYYYYYYY
Jeff ShawanHouse District 153R573-776-5213[email protected]SYYYYYYY
David EvansHouse District 154R417-372-2345[email protected]
Larry R. LindemanHouse District 154R417-255-3977SYYYYYYY
Karla EslingerHouse District 155R[email protected]
Mike LindHouse District 155R417-265-3664[email protected]CSYYYYYYY
Jack L. ClemansHouse District 155R417-251-5724[email protected]CSYYYNYYY
Jeff JustusHouse District 156R417-699-6208[email protected]
Amber Elizabeth ThomsenHouse District 156R
Mike MoonHouse District 157R
Karen EcholsHouse District 157R417-498-6222[email protected]
Scott FitzpatrickHouse District 158R
Mark BartleyHouse District 159R417-454-9296[email protected]
Dirk E. DeatonHouse District 159R479-644-4207[email protected]
Raleigh Drue RitterHouse District 160R417-592-3411[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Ben BakerHouse District 160RSYYYYYYY
David OsbornHouse District 160R417-861-4421[email protected]SYYYYYYY
Lane RobertsHouse District 161R417-540-8185[email protected]CSYNYYYYY
Robert W. StokesHouse District 162R417-850-9466[email protected]
Robert (Bob) BromleyHouse District 162RSYYY?YYY
Cody SmithHouse District 163R417-291-0200